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Give everyone a voice
Gather people insights at scale, with Natter
Instantly give up to 
a voice.

Natter allows tens of thousands of people to connect, ideate and respond to key questions, all at once.

Instantly capture and analyze millions of your peoples' ideas and responses through real-time video conversations and summarization technology.

Sarah Clout
Head of Employer Reputation

“To create an authentic global People Value Proposition, it was essential to test our draft messages with our people. But in an organisation of multiple business units, locations and time zones, incorporating the diversity of global views was a big challenge. Natter was the perfect solution – enabling people to discuss their thoughts and share their feedback anonymously.”

Talent Acquisition
June 2023

“I loved the session. I talked to four new colleagues one-on-one in less than an hour. It was amazing!”

Profile picture of Melissa Frescholtz
Melissa Frescholtz
Senior Manager, People Development

"Natter offers a new way to create engaging learning experiences. Through one/one interactions, we create quality time for our team members to meet, connect on the content, and share valuable insights. The ability to capture real-time engagement metrics ultimately saves us time - no more follow-up surveys and all insights are captured and magically summarized in one clean report."

Agility Chapter Lead
June 2023

“I like that people all over the world meet face to face, that was very powerful.”

Account Manager

“This is a much better way to do town halls. Nice job and Thank You!”

Profile picture of Amelia Dunlop
Amelia Dunlop
Chief Experience Officer

“The thing I love about Natter is it starts with the premise that human connection matters. And then it applies AI to capture qualitative insights at quantitative scale in hours instead of weeks. Natter is leading the way on what it means to be human at scale.”

Marketing Associate
June 2023

“I believe the best way to feel included and comfortable at work is to meet people and talk about different topics sometimes not even work related. Thank you for the session this was great.”

Profile picture of Paul Modley
Paul Modley
Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

“AMS is a global talent solutions business of 9,000 employees with a critical ambition to continuously develop our inclusive culture across all our international offices. Natter has provided an engaging and interactive way to bring together colleagues from different countries, representing different diversity characteristics. It has enabled us to continue to build a sense of Belonging across our global business while capturing valuable quantitative and qualitative insights.”

Profile picture of John Reid-Dodick
John Reid-Dodick
Chief People Officer

"Natter is a truly extraordinary capability. In a simple and elegant user experience, it combines the power of human connection; deep data gathering; and cutting edge AI summarization to generate meaningful and actionable insights. Since implementing Natter at AlphaSense, we’ve identified over 40 use cases, and it feels like we’re just getting started!"

Director, Product Knowledge
June 2023

“The 1:1 conversations here are so much more fruitful than smaller group breakout rooms!”

Profile picture of Vivienne Heffernan
Vivienne Heffernan
Director Internal Communications

"Finally a tool for today’s new workplace reality! In this post-pandemic era, when so many of us are searching for new ways to engage and connect employees, Natter is a must-use tool for companies. I’ve seen firsthand how Natter can deepen relationships within teams and improve cross-functional collaboration. By connecting employees, especially those in different functions and locations, Natter helps everyone to feel a greater sense of belonging and community."

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